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Our Story

As told by Natalie…

2010: Get Set Go!

Loren and I both without Jobs and a thousand brilliant ideas we, decide to start an adventure together, something that we had both no experience in at all but could feel the passion in us already! So before you know it, without any hesitation whatsoever, we are off to the registrar’s office in Port Louis and RSVP Events was born. 

2011: Fortune Cookies

My ex-boss, Jack Joy, helping us kick start this passion inside wanted a girls beach dinner. A small event on La Preneuse beach, where we even prepared the meal (starter was an Aspic, and Main a Cheese platter for each guest). Jacky also wanted fortune cookies and after not finding them ANYWHERE on the island we decided to do it ourselves which resulted in very blistered fingers – LESSON ONE Learned – never do your own fortune cookies! With our family helping with the setup and clean up and apart from forgetting to have proper lighting, our event was a success and client and guests LOVED IT!  

2012: Melissa

Melissa Joined RSVP Events, to startup our marketing and communication department.  We landed an amazing contract through Xavier Audibert. He had put complete confidence in RSVP Events during all the one-off events we did at the commercial center where he was the center manager. We were offered to be out sourced on a yearly contract basis to do their marketing and events.  This opened doors for RSVP Events and took the marketing and communication department to another level. 

We also moved into an Office at Vanilla Bean Village in Black River, where Didier de Senneville gladly gave us an empty store area that we turned into our little office space, with chickens and chicks part of our office lifestyle it was a perfect spot for us to learn and grow. 

2013: A Child is Born

We share great memories in the events we do, at Kendra Commercial center, where during an event Loren wasn’t feeling herself she decided to take a pregnancy test…So in the Toilets of Kendra center we found out Loren was pregnant with her 1st child Zoe! And yes the event was another success! 

Juggling motherhood and a startup company took its toll on our families, sacrificing time with them, missing birthdays, it wasn’t easy! But even during these  hard times we pulled through with their support and encouragement. This allowed us to prove ourselves and our company over and over again! 

2014: Opening Doors

The year we got our break and introduction to the sports events industry, Amelie Audibert contacted us to assist her in the ever growing Ferney Trail, she was no longer able to do it on her own along with her other office duties,  so she betted on us. After pitching our ideas on our involvement and what we could do, we went in with the absolute minimum fee possible JUST to get the job. We called it our ‘’giving back event’’! Now 7 yrs later, we have not only helped grow the Ferney Trail from 1500 participants to now 3500 participants, but we have grown with it. This opened a door that we could have never imagined, the sports events industry!  

2015: Relationships

The year we created long term relationships. We had an opportunity to work with Mauritius Union, now MUA, little did we know that MUA would become and very important part of our journey, trusting us to be a part of theirs, we have done Team buildings, end of year parties and brand launch events for them with successful results for the past 6 years! A returning Client is the most important Client, we always say!

Time Flies

Time Passes extremely fast in the events sector, we judge our time as per the events we have, as one is complete we move to the next. The years have flown by us since we first started, not having the time to stop and think about our company itself as we got caught in the operations of it all. 

2018: Ascencia

Being a part of Ascencia and a trusted service provider of theirs for the last 5 years we were entrusted with planning their 10th year anniversary, a very important client for us this was an event that meant that much more. Knowing how Ascencia has seen us grow and supported us these years our heart AND souls were poured in every detail of this event. 

2019: Blood, Sweat & Tears

The events sector is NOT what everyone thinks, it’s not all hunky dory and pretty! The sweat, pain, stress and tiredness is REAL and it’s not for everyone. In our events team we work hard and play hard, have great meals, outings and pampering but well deserved for hard overworked ladies!  

We love passing on what we know, it’s important to share skills and knowledge within your team. This is why it’s also important to host internships for students from all over the world, we feel not only does this bring diversity to our full time team, but also an opportunity to learn what the world has to offer but also create connections too. 


Our first event employee was Smita Gooljar, with us for 5 years she shared an important part of our journey with some great memories too. 

2020: The Covid Force

For RSVP events, although a sector badly hit by the whole COVID economic crisis and like most called 2020 a right off, has allowed us to sit, rethink, re-strategise our whole company direction and growth, work on our values, our missions and our vision and just take a step back to see the bigger picture and where we SHOULD be heading. 

Now 10 years old, we are ready for the next 10 with as much inspiration and energy as before. Our future is full of endless possibilities and we are here to embrace them! 

We are an extension of your company and here to assist you.

A creative and resourceful, yet simple and innovative team. We work in close partnership with our clients to offer a service that sets new standards.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”



            What We Do!


Since we believe that every event is unique, we are here to compliment your planning process in the way that makes the most sense for you!



Our mission for our clients is to pull off a successful, one of kind sporting event - every time!



All your dreams are within your reach, no matter how big or crazy they might seem.


Decor Rental

From custom-crafted décor to vases and arches, we offer a wide range of rental products no matter the size of your event.



The marketing process involves crafting a compelling message. If you are looking for assistance, we are here for you!



We offer tailor made services to suit you specific company needs, taking into consideration your target market & the objective you want to achieve.


Social Media

No matter what industry you are in, digital marketing forms part of the whole marketing and communication strategy when it comes to the success of any business.


Press Relations

Our role is to get and stay in touch with journalists from all media channels to obtain positive media coverage for a company, an event, a brand or a product.



Our team of talented graphic designers understand that strategically driven creative design is the key to integrated communications.


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