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5 Fun activities: How to entertain yourself during lockdown

After being COVID-free for almost a year, the new cases came as a shock to us all. But we all understand that this lockdown was necessary to get rid of the virus on the island. Use this valuable time to improve yourself; and what better way than through fun activities?

TIP 1: make your own board game

With a homemade board game, you are sure to impress your family during the next game night. But before you can reveal your masterpiece, you will have to develop the fundamental parts like the goals and rules. Don’t know where to start? Let us help you:

  • Write down ideas
  • Make a theme
  • Use a mechanism
  • Decide the age range
  • Create boundaries
  • Choose how and what the players can win
  • Write down the game rules
  • Make a sketch
  • Put the pieces together
  • Use cards to make it more exciting
  • Test it
  • Let your creative side out and make it look perfect
  • Let the game night begin!

TIP 2: improve your international cooking skills

If there is one thing we all benefit from, it’s cooking! And of course, you can learn a new recipe, that’s not so hard. But why don’t you act a little crazy and learn a completely out-of-your-comfort-zone international way of cooking? For example, have you ever made a popular Russian recipe? Be creative with potatoes, onions, beets and cream finished with ice-cold vodka or champagne… We know we haven’t!  

TIP 3: Be creative with Tiktok

We have all heard about the platform Tiktok. If you think that only teenagers use this platform, you are wrong. Not only is it used for entertainment, but it is also used for education and promoting businesses. And all of that in a fun way. Try it; you might find people who enjoy your authenticity and weirdness. Plus, you can always make your account private. Here is a list of fun activities you can do with Tiktok:

  • Create dance videos
  • Do song intimidations
  • Create cute animal videos with voice-overs
  • Make artworks
  • Show your life in quarantine
  • Do science experiences
  • Make a cooking video of your favourite dish
  • Do a make-up tutorial
  • Create voice-overs
  • Make a tutorial about your hobby
  • Make a workout video

TIP 4: learn calligraphy

Sometimes you need to get your mind off the daily stress and we know a perfect way to do so. Calligraphy is relatively easy and affordable. Who knew that writing letters could be relaxing and helpful for anxiety? The only thing you need is a good set of brush pencils and some worksheets, and off you go. There are many websites where you can download (free) calligraphy worksheets that you can print. Do you want to see how others do it and learn new techniques? Try the hashtags #calligraphy, #handlettering or #brushlettering on Instagram or Tiktok and get your inspiration! 

TIP 5: get organised

Do you like a clean and organised house, but your pantry is still a mess? Is it because you don’t know where to start or you couldn’t find the time? We could not relate more. But since you have plenty of time now, start by watching the Netflix original series ‘Get organised with the home edit’. Trust us, after watching this; you are ready to strip your pantry and give it back some life and structure. But to make it easier, here are some great step-by-step tips for organising:

  • Get every single item out
  • Create groupings
  • Edit / paring it down
  • Categorise all items
  • If your budget allows it, buy many see-through containers, bins and turntables
  • Put the categories into the containers
  • It’s time to put it back in the pantry and play with the layout until you found the right one
  • Label all your categories
  • Return the leftover containers
  • Enjoy your new pantry! After a while, we expect that you’ll find flaws in your layout. If that happens, try to mix it up.

By Franka Dulleman – Event Intern